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Indoor air quality is determined by many factors including air flow which is affected by air sealing and ventilation. But other factors come into play as well.


And, you may not realize it, but unhealthy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are found in most homes!  


VOC’s are found in ordinary cleaning supplies, spray paint, adhesive removers, and other such things.  They release gases or particles in the air and are the primary cause of indoor air quality problems.


When VOC’s are combined with inadequate ventilation, high temperature, and high humidity, these pollutants’ concentrations are increased.


Achieving a well balanced air flow in your house is the best way to improve your indoor air quality.  Blower door diagnostics will identify the proper balance.

Are your ducts causing poor indoor Air Quality in your home?



Leaky air ducts account for up to 15% of your heating and cooling bill. They also inject hot, humid air, along with allergens and dust, into your house affecting the quality of air your breathe.


To detect leaky air ducts, M&M runs a Flow Hood test and  performs a visual inspection for wear and tear, rips and loose joints in your ductwork.

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