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Radiant Barrier is very effective in hot climates like ours, especially when cooling air ducts are located in the attic.


When heat from the sun (radiant solar energy) strikes the roof, radiant barrier blocks most of it.  So your attic, and your ducts, don't get as hot.


An excellent investment, radiant barrier normally saves 10-15% of AC costs.


Adequate ventilation and insulation need to be present in order for the radiant barrier technology to work properly.


Radiant barrier foil is commonly used in new homes and spray coating in existing homes.

Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference

Insulation is  key to reducing unwanted heat gain or loss and improving energy conservation. Installed in attics, walls, and under floors, insulation is the most common weatherization measure installed and generally provides the greatest return on investment.


How much and what type of insulation your home should have depends on several factors including building design, climate, energy costs, budget, and personal preference. We’ll help you make an informed decision.


Spray coating products vary widely. Check the label. The product should have an emissivity rating of 0.25 or less.


M&M uses one of the best rated products currently on the market with a rating of 0.19.

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Attic Insulation